The membership of the Kalevala Society includes all those who were approved before the revision to the rules in 2003, as well as those approved by the board in its annual meetings after the revision. There are 370 Finnish members and 126 members from abroad, as well as five honourary members. They are composer Kalevi Aho, Emeritus Professor Seppo Knuuttila, Professor Pekka Laaksonen, Emeritus Professor Heikki Laitinen and Ph.D. Senni Timonen.

Every year, the board invites persons to join the Society for merits in the field of culture. Such a person must have accomplishments in the fields of operation of the Kalevala Society, i.e. research or art relating to the Kalevala or the Finnish cultural heritage or fields combining the two. 5–15 new members are invited to join the Society. An honourary member must have great accomplishments in the fields of operation of the Kalevala Society. The Society shall at any given time have one to five honourary members.

The members of the Society may give suggestions to the board concerning new members or honourary members as well as initiatives and proposals relating to the operations of the Society. A recommendation, signed by two members of the Society and addressed to the board, must be sent to the office of the Society before the annual meeting, by 28 February at the latest. The annual meeting shall be held each year by the end of May.

Membership Booklet and Badge

A new member of the Society shall receive a membership booklet after the annual meeting. In addition, he or she may sign up for a silver badge, made on the basis of the Society’s logo designed by Akseli Gallen-Kallela. We recommend that the badge be worn at national celebrations, particularly those relating to the Kalevala. Honourary members shall be presented with a badge designed by Gallen-Kallela, decorated with pearls. The badges of honourary members are to be returned upon the death of said members.

Meetings of the Society, Other Events and Publications

As a member of the Kalevala Society, you will be invited to all events of the Society as well as two to three meetings per year. In addition, you can purchase publications of the Kalevala Society at the Tiedekirja bookshop in Helsinki (Snellmaninkatu 13) or web store at a 50% discount.

Vacation at Nehvo

Nehvon vartioThe Kalevala Society owns a former border guard post, the Nehvo Guardhouse, in the beautiful landscape of Ilomantsi, in the village of Nehvonniemi. The house consists of a main building, a log sauna containing a room with a fireplace as well as a side building with two separate duplexes. The buildings were completed in 1950. They have been renovated, and include all modern comforts. There are excellent outdoor opportunities in the area during all seasons. The nearby forests and swamps are well suited to those interested in picking berries or mushrooms. In addition, guests can use the house boat to go fishing.