Administration and Finances


The board, composed of seven foundation members, exercises power of decision in the Kalevala Society.

Professor Pekka Hakamies

Lic.Phil. Pekka Hako

M.A. Antti Huntus
Professor Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä
Ph.D. Tuomas Martikainen
Professor Eija Timonen
Museum Director Tuija Wahlroos

Finance Committee

The board elects the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee gives the board recommendations concerning the finances of the foundation. The Finance Committee has five members.

Investment Director Mikko Koivusalo
Attorney Mikko Ojala
Chief Financial Officer Ralf Sunell
M.Sc. Econ. Jussi Vaarnavuo

The chair of the Finance Committee is Ralf Sunell. The treasurer of the foundation is Jussi Vaarnavuo.


Executive Director Ulla Piela
Tel. +358 40 538 5144

Communications Manager Petja Kauppi
Tel. +358 40 538 5216