The Kalevala Society transmits information relating to the Kalevala and the Finnish cultural heritage through its publications and events, answers questions, directs people to the right sources of information and provides expert assistance, e.g., to Kalevala translators. The members of the board, the staff and the members of the Society are Kalevala and cultural heritage experts. If you have any questions, you can direct them to the staff of the Kalevala Society – we will find you an answer, or where to find one.


The Kalevala Society supports scientific and artistic activities relating to the Kalevala and the Finnish cultural heritage as well as activities that combine the two. The Kalevala Society has several co-operation projects every year. In addition, the foundation grants various awards.


The Kalevala Society has for over 90 years researched various cultural studies themes in its Yearbook. Every fall, we publish the Yearbook of the Kalevala Society, which is only available in Finnish, collecting peer-reviewed articles from researchers and experts on various themes. In addition to the Yearbook, we have also produced other scientific works.