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The Kalevala Day Seminar: How to Read the Kanteletar

at 2 PM–4 PMThe Finnish Literature Society, Helsinki

The Kalevala Day 2024 seminar will focus on the Kanteletar, a book of lyrical folk poetry that has been overshadowed by the Kalevala epic. The event opens the world of Kanteletar through the publication of the new book "Kanteletar ja opas sen lukemiseen" (The Kanteletar and guide to reading it) and presentations (in Finnish) about the lyrical runo songs. And who is the artist thet will receive the Kalevala Society's Akseli Gallen-Kallela Prize this year? In the event, we will enjoy music by the duo Vilma Jää and Hanna Ryynänen, whose repertoire includes runo singing, cattle calls and Karelian kantele music. Vilma Jää's astonishing voice and violin, together with Ryynänen's Saarijärvi kantele, create an intimate and colourful sound in which the audience can alternately rest, be surprised and be impressed by the duo's powerful expression. The seminar is in Finnish and will be streamed. Please find the full program by changing the site language.

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