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The Research and General Grants Open in March

The Kalevala Society Foundation awards Research grants and General grants for academic and artistic projects linked to Kalevala, Kalevala-metric poetry and/or Finnish cultural heritage.

Who can apply?

Research Grant (6-12 months full-time work)

The Kalevala Society awards grants for 6 or 12 months of academic and artistic research. The society does not award research grants for undergraduate degree students. Research grants (academic or artistic projects) can be applied by an individual.

General Grant (a separate amount requested for a specific project, event, etc.)

An individual, a working group, or a legal entity with a Finnish business ID can apply for a general grant from the Kalevala Society. If the applicant is a working group or legal entity, the group members must choose a project leader from among themselves to be responsible for submitting the application.

The Research Grant and the General Grant are open in March

The grant application service is open between 1–31 March, until midnight. Please get aquainted with the Guidelines for Grant Applicants before filling the application.