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Guidelines for grant applicants

The Kalevala Society’s Research grants and General grants

The Kalevala Society awards grants for 6 or 12 months of academic and artistic research. The society does not award research grants for undergraduate degree students. Research grants (academic or artistic projects) can be applied by an individual.

An individual, a working group, or a legal entity with a Finnish business ID can apply for a general grant from the Kalevala Society. If the applicant is a working group or legal entity, the group members must choose a project leader from among themselves to be responsible for submitting the application.

The grant decisions are made in May–June.

The grant application must be filled in online at kalevalaseura.hakemukset.net. Apply for grant by sending your application, complete with attachments, on the online grant service. The online service is open with time limit. Applications cannot be sent when the service is closed. Please read the guidelines carefully before filling the form.

Register and sign in to the online service

  • Register as a new user. Your email address is your user code. Confirm your login through the link sent to your email address.
  • Create a new application.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Submit the application to Kalevala Society before the deadline.
  • Applications cannot be sent via email or post.
  • Inform us if you receive another grant after the deadline.

Application language

Choose Finnish or English for your grant application.

Application form tabs

Choose the type of your application

  • Research grant
  • General grant

Choose the type of applicant

  • Individual (research and general grant)
  • Working group (general grant)
  • Legal entity with a Finnish business ID (general grant)

Name of the project

Type of the project

Choose science or art

Key words (only research grants)

Give three (3) keywords for your project

Summary of the project

In the summary (max. 3,000 characters), please provide a short description of your project’s primary content for implementing the work. If you apply for a research grant, you must also provide a more detailed work or research plan as an attachment.

Applicants’ summaries are important in the evaluation of the applications – the summary is usually the first section the evaluator reads from the application. The Kalevala Society may use applicants’ titles and summaries in the Society’s communications (such as on its website), and the text from these sections will be published if the grant is awarded.

The applicant must provide a brief description of the project’s duration and a timetable on the application form.


  • Research grants: choose 6 or 12 months
  • General grants: informal duration


Write a timetable of your project (e.g. 1.1.–30.6.2024). The overall schedule of the project can be explained in the summary or research plan.

Amount to be applied

The amount of the personal monthly grant varies, depending on the stage of your career.

Research grants:

Early career applicants (e.g. working on doctoral thesis), choose 2500€/month
Mid-career applicants (e.g. post doc), choose 3500€/month.
The online service provides a total sum.

General grants: write an optional sum for the application.

Other costs (only research grants)

Write an optional sum if you apply for other costs. Other costs can be e.g. travels, material, or other service costs. For research grant applicants, explain the need for other costs in your research plan.

Other funding (only research grants)

Please list all grants received during last three (3) years.

Explanation for the grant by the Kalevala Society

Please, explain shortly (max. 1,000 characters) why the Kalevala Society should support your project.


Research grants:


  • Research plan (max. 3 pages + sources)
  • Budget
  • CV (incl. important publications) (max. 3 pages)
  • Certificate

General grants:

If you wish, you can attach e.g. project plan and budget.


Deadline for the references is April 15th in the spring, and November 15th in the autumn.

Research grants:

If you wish, you can ask references (max. 2) for your application. Please, give the name, degree, and email address. Once you have finished the application, the online service sends automatically a require for reference.

General grants:

If you wish, you can ask a reference (only 1) for your application. Please, give the name, degree, and email address. Once you have finished the application, the online service sends automatically a require for reference.


Remember to confirm the application! Once you have finalized the application, choose COMPLETE. This means that you have submitted the application.

You can continue editing the application later by choosing INCOMPLETE.

The application (and attachments) must be submitted by 31 March / 15 November,  11:59 PM (Finnish time, GMT+2). Please note that after the deadline, applications can not be edited in any way.